HS300 HS300

World’s first tidal turbine prototype connected to the grid. The HS300 is Andritz Hydro Hammerfest first prototype installed in Kvalsund in Finnmark, Norway, running from 2003 – 2007 and reinstalled from 2009 – 2011. The turbine a 300kW installed at 50 meters depth with a production capacity over 600MWh per year through a complete deployment, operation, retrieval, maintenance and redeployment cycle, demonstrated more than 16,000 hours, 1.5GWh production track record with more than 9500 hours continuous operation and was proven to be both efficient and reliable.





First pre-commercial tidal turbine installed at EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre)
In cooperation with ScottishPower Renewables, Andritz Hydro Hammerfest installed a 1MW pre commercial tidal power turbine on December 2011 at the Falls of Warness, in the Orkney Isles UK, considered one of Europe’s roughest waters. Was connected to the grid on February 2012 with a production capacity over 3,1GW per year.





First commercial array for a tidal power project of 95MW in Pentland Firth, Scotland.
Andritz hydro Hammerfest is developing 3 Turbines 1200-1500 kW each for the first phase of the project. At these moment the project is on the assembling stage.